Lemon Blueberry Scones - You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)

  • Published: 11 July 2018
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    I accidentally cut out the SALT clip. Add a dash of salt to those dry ingredients.
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    How to make these scones:

    2 cups of all purpose flour
    3 tablespoons of sugar (if you want them sweeter add more...amazing how that works)
    1 tablespoon of baking powder
    A PINCH OF SALT! I accidentally cut it out of the video DAMMIT.
    1 gallon of baking soda to keep you cool
    Wangjangle those ingredients together
    Chop up most of a stick of butter into little bits
    Mix them in and go chunk hunting
    Add in 1.5 cups of blueberries and some exterior lemon skin scrapings (I like a tablespoon ish)
    Make a little volcano cavity chamber impression
    Pour in one cup of cream...if you want your scones to be more cakey use half a cup of cream and 2 eggs. They'll also be more yellow.
    Barely mix the dough, don't overwerk it
    Put the dough on a floured surface and form it into some kind of rectangular shape
    Cut it in half. Then in half. Then in half. Then in half.
    Separate the pieces on a parchment papered pan. They are going to expand, just like the universe. Checkmate atheists.
    Bake them for around 20-24 minutes on 4 hundo.

    They're so good when they're still warm omg, with even more butter on them, OMFG SERIOUSLY.

    Also I want to try to Scottish British UK scones with clotted cream. Because even though the term "clotted cream" is the most unappetizing two words ever written, it looks incredible.

    Or use one of these which is where I started:


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  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking   1 years back

    I accidentally left out the salt clip. Put half a teaspoon of salt in the dry ingredients, please. Or 2/4 coffee spoon.

    • Drawing with Kiwi
      Drawing with Kiwi  4 weeks back

      Lightning Bolt YouTube you’re :)

    • Maya Anastasio
      Maya Anastasio  2 months back

      I just realized I have the same plates as you also you are very funny and I love your channel but more importantly I have the same white square plates as you

    • The Creeper King
      The Creeper King  3 months back

      You Suck At Cooking why did I read this beyond sarcastic and in a tired manner

    • Ying the Eevee
      Ying the Eevee  3 months back

      hunting wild boar....YSAC is a hunter confirmed???

    • Ofelia Itehua
      Ofelia Itehua  3 months back

      What kind of cream

  • Alex Moss
    Alex Moss  3 hours back

    Who told you they were Scottish?

    • Sarcastic Pain
      Sarcastic Pain  16 hours back

      It is true that scones are the official Scottish currency

      • caribemama
        caribemama  21 hours back

        You’re fucking hilarious!!!!!

        • A Regular Brit
          A Regular Brit  3 days back

          its pronounced "scone" you fuckhead

          • Sarah Elizabeth Eaton
            Sarah Elizabeth Eaton  4 days back

            If you want to know why the butter check out good eats tv show. In the pie episode I think.

            • Fortuna
              Fortuna  4 days back

              Wow, I learned a lot of indisputable facts about Funny Word Island from this movie. Thanks, director!

              • BootyMunchers
                BootyMunchers  7 days back

                1:30 As a Canadian I can confirm

                • Clogged toilet
                  Clogged toilet  2 weeks back

                  Nobody's gonna talk about 3:35 ? I chuckled so hard

                  • keat36
                    keat36  2 weeks back

                    Just made these, thanks for the recipe. Also used pumpkin instead of cream in one batch and it's pretty good but not as crumbly

                    • Animating Alex
                      Animating Alex  3 weeks back

                      So a Doubloon back in the day was $16. Today 1 is worth $400. So a scone is either worth $64 or $1600.

                      • JRR31984
                        JRR31984  3 weeks back

                        You don't want the butter warm and melted, because in the cooking process-- it will allow the butter to crisp thee everything around it, almost like frying (ie the dough/ scone, etc). Giving it a salty buttery crispy taste. ENJOY!

                        • The Chef Boo (Andrew)
                          The Chef Boo (Andrew)  3 weeks back

                          The knife joke actually works really well. It works better than a real strategy.

                          • Winglehiemer ,
                            Winglehiemer ,  3 weeks back

                            It's pronounced Scone

                            • Raphael Michael Giuroiu

                              Je t’aime

                              • Ashe Grove
                                Ashe Grove  4 weeks back

                                I love seeing the progression of how much better these recipes have been getting.

                                • Sebastian H-Man187
                                  Sebastian H-Man187  4 weeks back

                                  You cuck on sooking, yeah you sotally tuck.

                                  • I live in my parent's basement

                                    The Bob Ross of cooking

                                    • Copperhead Chris
                                      Copperhead Chris  1 months back

                                      I saw this video a few years ago. Earlier today, i saw the word scone in RT game's latest video and my brain lit up like a sleeper agent. I immediately ran to 2 stores and the scones are in the oven now

                                      • Copperhead Chris
                                        Copperhead Chris  1 months back

                                        @You Suck At Cooking theyre great btw. I forgot the salt so I sprinkled some margarita salt on top and it turned out pretty well. good job!

                                      • You Suck At Cooking
                                        You Suck At Cooking   1 months back

                                        All according to plan...

                                    • Murkyjerky 17
                                      Murkyjerky 17  1 months back

                                      Your videos always makes my day

                                      • Charles McCabe
                                        Charles McCabe  1 months back

                                        You're like a mean Tina Belcher cooking show.

                                        • Sarah Davies
                                          Sarah Davies  1 months back

                                          scottish person here, the “scown” is the pronunciation of the place, and “scon” is the food
                                          end of argument, single handily ended the debate
                                          ur welcome

                                        • nonniangel
                                          nonniangel  1 months back

                                          17 shekels for a SINGLE SCONE? Man.

                                          • DrWhoWhatWhenWhy 1
                                            DrWhoWhatWhenWhy 1  1 months back

                                            Once my family and some family friends went up to Scotland for a holiday. One day scones were ordered. I have done my very best to stay out of the scone war (or alternatively, irritate everyone by calling them sconones, or sconones, so I simply watched as the families deteriorated into fighting, including getting the waitress involved.
                                            They were good scones.
                                            Also, there is also a war over which goes on top, the jam or cream. With this I have made a decision but will not admit it for fear of assassination in the night.
                                            Tis a war that has claimed many casualties.

                                            • Joey L.
                                              Joey L.  1 months back

                                              if you want crumbly American style scones, do you just use 1/2 cup cream + eggs? Or would i be substituting the flour with cake flour? Thanks!

                                              • kleinbottled79
                                                kleinbottled79  1 months back

                                                I made it with cream only and all purpose flour and thought the crumble level was perfect. Excellent recipe. I did dried currents instead of blueberries and result was great.

                                            • أمينه أمينه
                                              أمينه أمينه  1 months back

                                              Too bad you talk too damn much so slow ughh

                                              • Dave Christmas
                                                Dave Christmas  1 months back

                                                He sounds like the guy from anxiety war

                                                • GameSeekr041 Contreras
                                                  GameSeekr041 Contreras  2 months back

                                                  I made scones last year.

                                                  I used a cheese grater for the butter.

                                                  • Robyninity
                                                    Robyninity  2 months back

                                                    OH THATS HOW YOU GET LEMON ZEST FUCK

                                                    my whole life has been a lie

                                                    • LNXM
                                                      LNXM  2 months back

                                                      THe extra commentary is annoying. Just bake and talk less!

                                                      • David Turco
                                                        David Turco  2 months back

                                                        I hope people realize that (a) your jokes about Scotland and Ireland are actually true and (b) you're Candaian.

                                                        • Mama Bouth
                                                          Mama Bouth  2 months back

                                                          Anyone else imagining Tina Belcher teaching you how to cook/bake?

                                                          • reading this just wasted time youll never get back

                                                            ice cream scone

                                                            i love it all

                                                            • reading this just wasted time youll never get back

                                                              its scOne not scaun

                                                              • ShaedFangGames
                                                                ShaedFangGames  2 months back

                                                                *MmMMMmm, Scoooones...*

                                                                • Fergus Geoghegan
                                                                  Fergus Geoghegan  2 months back

                                                                  You've just waged war against Cornwall

                                                                  • Kate Drenning
                                                                    Kate Drenning  2 months back

                                                                    I think I love you. I just need some time to process it all.

                                                                  • Cindy Nunery
                                                                    Cindy Nunery  2 months back

                                                                    My lord you are hilarious. Can't wait to make these scones! Thanks for the laughter you brought me today.

                                                                    • fortydollarhaircut
                                                                      fortydollarhaircut  2 months back

                                                                      Love these videos. Thanks to this one I’m currently baking my third batch of scones. Seriously yummy.

                                                                      • Apocalyptic Astronomer
                                                                        Apocalyptic Astronomer  2 months back

                                                                        17 shekels for a single scone is really expensive. Must be a damn good scone then.

                                                                      • Eleanor Parrish
                                                                        Eleanor Parrish  2 months back

                                                                        Lmao as a baker I regularly make blueberry lemon scones so I really truely related to this one

                                                                        • That Guy
                                                                          That Guy  2 months back

                                                                          It is pronounced scone like cone until u eat it then it is scone like gone

                                                                          • Teddy Bear
                                                                            Teddy Bear  2 months back

                                                                            I am from England so no one start on me on how to pronounce this

                                                                            • Zesty_Beelzebub
                                                                              Zesty_Beelzebub  2 months back

                                                                              I cut them on the parchment paper. *WORSHIP ME, MORTAL FOOLS*

                                                                              • John Amidon
                                                                                John Amidon  2 months back

                                                                                It's scoone, laddie....as in schooner. I think..... ;)

                                                                                • CanadianMaple Munoz
                                                                                  CanadianMaple Munoz  2 months back

                                                                                  “Look, you weren’t good enough, fast enough or sticky enough, and you *missed* your chance. There’s *no second chances with scones.* “

                                                                                  • Marshello
                                                                                    Marshello  2 months back

                                                                                    u suck at cooking use ur finger tips to blend the butter into the dry ingredients

                                                                                    • canine_emerald
                                                                                      canine_emerald  2 months back

                                                                                      Wow watch those stones role