• Published: 01 October 2019
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  • ClickForTaz
    ClickForTaz   2 months back

    I FAKED AN ART GALLERY IN LONDON AND ACTUALLY SOLD PAINTINGS?! What a crazy experience this has been!! Hope you enjoyed watching, it would mean a lot if you helped share this video. :)

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    • Ollycorn 01
      Ollycorn 01  14 hours back

      Isn't this like illegal fraud or something

    • CandyCornKitty :3
      CandyCornKitty :3  1 days back

      Not cool you made people give you money even though it was not that much people pay you money for no reason I hope you at least told them about what it’s really worth or your just a b***** please tell me if you did thank you

    • Amandooo Ramirez
      Amandooo Ramirez  2 days back


      DÃRK-ŠHÃDØW  6 days back

      ClickForTaz hiiiii

  • Dora Clement
    Dora Clement  33 minutes back

    Don’t give the money back. If someone wants to buy it, they want to buy it.

    • Dora Clement
      Dora Clement  39 minutes back

      Just proves that you don’t need to be talented to be worth millions

      • Bryan Scott
        Bryan Scott  2 hours back

        If i started this in my country i will be poorer, :( because i have my 5 paintings still hanged in a local ornament shop for more than two years without being able to sell it .. ;p no one buys it lol

        • Ganesh Dharmandher
          Ganesh Dharmandher  5 hours back

          legend says she still can't believe what she sold

          • Loopy
            Loopy  6 hours back

            I am from Bulgaria 😂🇧🇬

            • Louise O.
              Louise O.  6 hours back


              • Somewhere
                Somewhere  7 hours back

                hey so this is satire I get it but literally its actual art,,

                I'd buy that group painting for the sentiment! no t for a thousand dollars but y'know : )

                • Logophile Dengin
                  Logophile Dengin  7 hours back

                  Everything is art.I should try this.

                  • Yeet Boi
                    Yeet Boi  10 hours back

                    who let this idiot watch this video

                    • B Super
                      B Super  10 hours back

                      It’s like a buzzfeed and a YES theory video mixed!

                      • Popular Nerdette
                        Popular Nerdette  11 hours back

                        I would have bought the blue circle one and the dancer one. They were truly beautiful.

                        • Elena Ivanova
                          Elena Ivanova  11 hours back

                          I'm actually Bulgarian haha

                          • Liv Nelson
                            Liv Nelson  11 hours back

                            This is a brilliant way to make money

                            • N.H
                              N.H  12 hours back

                              art sometimes feels like a scam lmao

                              • NeonButterfly
                                NeonButterfly  12 hours back


                                • Junko :D
                                  Junko :D  14 hours back

                                  No, you don’t understand how hard it is to paint the whole canvas red and then add a white dot while making it look nice and neat.

                                  • Johanna Koutikov
                                    Johanna Koutikov  14 hours back

                                    This “fake” artwork is actually better than what you see at most modern art galleries.,

                                    • Mia
                                      Mia  14 hours back


                                      • nikhil sha
                                        nikhil sha  15 hours back

                                        i hate modern art, senseless slaps of paint on canvas, whats worst these snobby rich people who got money to burn on these crap

                                        • Mia
                                          Mia  15 hours back


                                          • Mia
                                            Mia  15 hours back


                                            • Tumblr Wookie
                                              Tumblr Wookie  16 hours back

                                              1:44 not gonna lie the security man in the middle is real hot

                                              • Sunset gabi
                                                Sunset gabi  17 hours back

                                                You made my dream have a higher chance of happening ;w;

                                                Thank you

                                                • Jessica Nexo
                                                  Jessica Nexo  18 hours back

                                                  what my dad always said, the art isnt the painting itself, the art is selling it for actual money

                                                  • I am Ameenah
                                                    I am Ameenah  19 hours back

                                                    šega hahahahaahaha

                                                    • TNBK
                                                      TNBK  19 hours back

                                                      i looked it up the reason is that its really hard to draw like a kid when your an adult

                                                      • Rajiv Marechal
                                                        Rajiv Marechal  20 hours back

                                                        Are u indian?!

                                                        • Rushantan Manimaran
                                                          Rushantan Manimaran  21 hours back

                                                          shes cute

                                                          • V M
                                                            V M  21 hours back

                                                            you and oobah butler should team up to pull off the greatest prank of all time. twice the prank. twice the british accents.

                                                            • 偷自行车的人
                                                              偷自行车的人  21 hours back

                                                              -B乎观光- 捂脸

                                                              • valerian o o o
                                                                valerian o o o  21 hours back

                                                                lol black emilia clarke

                                                                • Abu Hesham
                                                                  Abu Hesham  24 hours back

                                                                  best sense of humour , I am at 2:31 and cant stop laughing :-D

                                                                  • Ann Lei Uy
                                                                    Ann Lei Uy  1 days back

                                                                    I have the same exact thought whenever I always saw an Art or a Painting sold for a much money.. but it was just a circle, a square or lines and dots ... i always say that i can do much more complicated than that.. how to be an artist..

                                                                    • cute me
                                                                      cute me  1 days back

                                                                      Thats a million times better art than a yellow dick painting painted by fu**in someone in the philippines..which sold a fu**in unreasonable price

                                                                      • GamingAstro
                                                                        GamingAstro  1 days back

                                                                        I'm in 8th grade and I want to know what I want to take in college emediately and this made me question if I want to do fine arts or an art course or filming

                                                                        • Sophia Fichner
                                                                          Sophia Fichner  1 days back

                                                                          Honestly even knowing it's fake I would've bought it because it is beautiful. You can truly find art in everything. "Any mistake in life is a new piece of art"
                                                                          -Mercia Lara (Painter aka my mom)

                                                                          • Erica Cosat
                                                                            Erica Cosat  1 days back

                                                                            As an artist, I love this

                                                                            • i did a oopsie
                                                                              i did a oopsie  1 days back

                                                                              are you Asian or English?

                                                                              • Hëräš Pårädïßë

                                                                                You didn’t fake it but it was an exiting and entertaining adventure....... and u DONT have a tiny Brian! U went through all of this and created a business! That’s great

                                                                                • pheonyx
                                                                                  pheonyx  1 days back

                                                                                  She sounds like peppa pig sometimes

                                                                                  • alpha Bah
                                                                                    alpha Bah  2 days back


                                                                                    • Carmina Amza
                                                                                      Carmina Amza  2 days back

                                                                                      there is a lot of money laundering in million dollar art, thus the pricey abstract paintings

                                                                                      • Merveille Jacquet
                                                                                        Merveille Jacquet  2 days back

                                                                                        But it's art.

                                                                                        • Yuna
                                                                                          Yuna  2 days back

                                                                                          It's funny how people actually see so much in literally nothing and even buying it...😂

                                                                                          • knjn
                                                                                            knjn  2 days back

                                                                                            this entire thing is exactly how i feel in art class

                                                                                            • Kawaii Avocado
                                                                                              Kawaii Avocado  2 days back

                                                                                              *when you realize she put the milk in first*

                                                                                              • Pretzel Plays Games
                                                                                                Pretzel Plays Games  2 days back

                                                                                                One of the few you tubers who actually have good content